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PES University

August 2016 - July 2020


CGPA: 9.93


BTech (honors) in Computer Science & Engineering (Systems & Core Computing)


Gold Medalist

PES University.png

Shri Chaitanya Pre‐University College

June 2014 ‐ March 2016

Grade: 97%


12th Grade (Karnataka State Board)


Batch Topper


Sudarshan Vidhya Mandir Public School

August 2013 ‐ March 2014


Grade: 93.33%

10th Grade (ICSE Board)


Ranked 6th


Work Experience

Microsoft Research

Research Fellow

Jun 2021 ‐ Present | Bangalore, India

Research Advisors: Dr. Akash Lal, Dr. Suman Nath

I am working in the Cloud Reliability Research and Innovation Area (RIA) at Microsoft Research India. The goal of the team is to "Shift Left." the Microsoft Azure cloud and prevent software bugs from reaching the production environment.

My research involves making Azure more reliable by developing a tool for resource leak detection. The tool was developed as a plugin for Torch (an internal dynamic analysis platform) and integrates with Microsoft's CloudBuild Cl pipeline. It leverages a service's test suite to perform dynamic analysis for leak detection and is designed to be able to run and analyze over 100,000 unit tests daily.


Citrix Systems

Software Engineer

June 2020 ‐ July 2021 | Bangalore, India

Supervisor: Mukul Agarwal

I was a Core developer for the Citrix Cloud Connector 4 component. This product is a crucial component of the cloud-based "VPN Gateway as a Service" offering from Citrix and is responsible for serving over 3 million long-running VPN tunnels per week.


I was responsible for end-to-end management of the software product and my duties involved taking ownership of feature development, bug fixing, production environment monitoring, and on-call live site management.


Citrix Systems

Software Development Intern

January 2020 ‐ June 2020 | Bangalore, India

Supervisor: Mukul Agarwal

I implemented a robust test automation platform for the Citrix VPN Gateway client. The platform enabled easier and more frequent testing of code changes by eliminating all the manual testing effort. The total testing time was reduced from 2 days down to 5 hours.

I was involved in handling customer issues and resolving reported bugs. I gained a lot of experience in Windows debugging including areas such as dump file analysis and performance monitoring.



Cohort 6 Participant

August 2019 - October 2019 | Bangalore, India


Participated in a gripping, intensive program on entrepreneurship and customer validation conducted by the 'Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship', IIT Madras, in collaboration with IISc Bangalore. "Start with a problem, not with a solution" - was the motto of this program.

Understood the importance of Customer Interaction by conducting 100 face to face customer interviews. The program and all its activities helped in developing a lean entrepreneurial mindset that helps a great deal and compliments an engineer's thought process.

IIT Madras.png

Morgan Stanley

Technology Analyst Intern

May 2019 - July 2019 | Bangalore, India

Supervisor: Mukul Agarwal


I worked with the Tax Processing team and used docker to containerize the Data Influx Adapter, a crucial component of the tax lot processing pipeline. I performed an evaluation of the newly developed software using an input dataset of 6 million tax lots. Results showed that although the entire product performance was almost unaffected, the cost savings were immense.

The containerized version was quickly adopted and deployed into the production environment. It greatly improved the code portability and boosted developer productivity.


Indian Institute of Science

Research Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 | Bangalore, India

Advisor: Prof. Arkaprava Basu


I interned at the Computer Systems Lab 2 in IISc under the Narendra Summer Internship & program. I was 1 among 19 students selected from a pool of over 2500 students all across India. My research focused on the dynamic detection of heterogeneous data races in General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) programs that employed the CUDA programming model.


Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Member

Jan 2018 - Jun 2018 | Bangalore, India

The ‘Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ experienced a one-of-a-kind Bootcamp which kick-started the journey of many students into entrepreneurship. The centre held weekly sessions to introduce entrepreneurship and decode the start-up journey of guest entrepreneurs. It was all about answering questions, interacting with the guests and more!

Filled with fun, activities and live examples, it was a great opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, and also get to interact with experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups. Boot camp offered students an in-depth heuristic approach to entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and business.

PES University.png


FixIt: A Test‐Driven Resource Leak Detection Tool for Production Cloud Services

Microsoft Research 2022

Authors: Shrey Tiwari, Akash Lal , Suman Nath

We present a novel and lightweight instrumentation-based Resource Leak Detection tool for production cloud services. FixIt performs dynamic analysis by leveraging the program's test suite to accurately locate leaks in the source code of a service.

RLCC#: Resource Leak Checker for C# Code using CodeQL

Microsoft Research 2022

Authors: Pritam Gharat, Narges Shadab, Shrey Tiwari, Akash Lal , Shuvendu Lahiri

We present a static analysis based Resource Leak Checker for C# programs. The tool and the algorithm for analysis are implemented using CodeQL. We compare the RICC#'s performance against RLC , the popular Java resource leak checker.



Python, C, C++, C#, Golang, JavaScript, SQL, LaTeX


Git, Docker, Jenkins, Splunk, Kusto, CodeQL, IFTTT, Postman


CUDA, Node.js, Selenium, PowerShell, Pandas, Spark, Azure

Awards & Scholarships

Gold Medalist

Awarded a gold medal for ranking second in the entire batch of Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2020

CNR Rao Scholarship

Recipient of the CNR Rao Merit Scholarship awarded to the top 5 of the students (every applicable semester)

MHRD Scholarship

Recipient of the MHRD Merit Scholarship awarded to the top 20% students (every applicable semester)


Microsoft Research

Committee Lead, Research Fellow Socials

January 2022 ‐ Present

Citrix Systems

Member, Toastmasters International Club

January 2020 ‐ March 2021

PES University

Student Committee Lead, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

January 2018 ‐ October 2019

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