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Selected Projects

Futuristic Homes: A Practical Take on Secure, Economical and Voice‐enabled Smart Home Automation Systems

Center for Information Security, Forensics and Cyber Resilience (ISFCR), PES University


Aug 2019 ‐ Jun 2020

Architected and implemented a smart home automation solution that is secure by design, platform-agnostic (with respect to the voice
assistants), and fully scalable. The project involved bringing together various technologies in the fragmented loT landscape to make an
elegant, robust and intuitive solution for the automation and control of loT networks found in homes and offices.


The differentiating factors for the solution are its cost effectiveness and security by design. To keep the costs minimal, it is ensured
that regular home infrastructure as well as smart home appliances interface well with the solution. Use and Misuse case study along with Threat Modelling was performed on the initial architecture to eliminate security vulnerabilities and establish defense in depth.

Skills: C, Python, Node.js, Docker, Home Assistant, Arduino & Raspberry Pi, Actions on Google & Alexa Skills, IFTTT

Network for Paramount Healthcare

PES University


January 2019 - April 2019

The project involved designing and simulating a network design to meet the goals of our customer, Paramount Healthcare Organisation. The project offered great learnings to students. Design thinking, empathizing with the customer, making tradeoffs and hands-on learning were a few important learnings from this project.


The project helped us understand the concepts related to tradeoffs, customer-centric design and network design. We guided on how to consider the aspects of different protocols, networking equipment, service level agreements... etc while architecting a solution.

Cisco Packet Tracer, Visio, Python

Selfless Acts: Platform for Photograph Sharing

Cloud Computing & Big Data (CCBD), PES University


January 2019 ‐ April 2019

Designed and implemented a platform similar to Instagram but for sharing pictures depicting individuals performing selfless acts for the environment, people, or animals. This project was designed in a way to give each one of the students an in-depth understanding of cloud computing technologies.

The project involved front-end development, implementation of REST APls, designing microservices, deployment of containerized
application in the cloud using, load balancing the service and more.

Skills: Docker, Node.js, Python, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Indian Cricket League Simulation and Score Prediction using Big Data

Cloud Computing & Big Data (CCBD), PES University


August 2018 - November 2018

The aim of the project was to simulate IPL cricket matches and compare results obtained with the true outcome of the matches. The
project helped us gain experience with big data technologies and the Hadoop ecosystem.


During the course of the project, we scraped data from the internet and performed pre-processing on the data to convert it into a usable format. This data was then used to perform multiple tasks such as "player clustering" and "match event prediction". The results from these tasks were ultimately used to simulate matches.

Skills: Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Sounds Like Data: Analysis and Prediction of Song Popularity

PES University


Aug 2018 - Nov 2018

"What factors determine a song's popularity?" We used the 10,000 subset of the Million Song Dataset to analyze a collection of audio features, the metadata of songs, and the associated musiXmatch lyrics dataset to gain insight on this question. Subsequently, we visualize our findings and build several machine learning models to predict the song's popularity. 

Skills: Python, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, LaTex

Parkour: A Smart Parking Lot System

PES University


March 2018 - May 2018

Skills: C, Arduino, Sensors & Servos

Big Integer Math Library

PES University


March 2018 - April 2018

Built a library in the c programming language to handle large integer operations. The primary data structure used was an array of structures as opposed to the usual string-based approach, to maximize the CPU (ALU) utilization and speed up the program. Good coding exercise and a lot of boundary cases to provide quality coding experience.


C programming language

Farmer's Help: Autonomous Robot for Harvesting Produce

PES University


Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

Built a physical prototype of a large-scale autonomous robot that can help farmers with harvesting their produce. The robot can identify the ripe fruits and proceed to pluck them without human interference.

Skills: C, Pvthon, OpenCV, Arduino, Sensors & Servos

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